Bwin体育 - 认真做品牌

Our supreme objective is customer service. We listen to our customers with great care and attention, and enquire about our customers' requirement constantly. We aim to satisfy our customers' requests rapidly and effectively.Our factory production floors cover 25,000 square meters, and possess 10 modernized production lines. The daily Shampoo output is 80,000 kg, and the daily cream output is 30,000 kg, which enable us to have a competent processing capacity to produce every kind of product for our customers.At present the factory has developed a set of perfect production processes with a powerful scientific research group, a first class R&D centre, using advanced research equipments. With the scientific and effective management system in place, each link in the production flow is strictly controlled, guaranteeing production quality, and ensuring that our customers enjoy excellent quality products at reasonable price.

We carry out relentless compliance with ISO9001 Quality Management System, and regulate production management strictly. The materials and packaging in use are inspected and tested with a quality control process that has been perfected. We have developed by ourselves a highly professional processing facility that is systemized, and standardized and operates with integrity. Our production facility boasts a complete set of production control procedures, including product formulas, production techniques, operation codes, and cleaning disinfecting procedures.

We are well equipped with modern hi-tech experimental facilities, as well as several engineers with more than 10 years of experience in research and development. Adopting the R&D model of "independent research and development, and integrating external and internal resources", we have established contacts with many internationally renowned research organisations, institute and multi-national corporations for technological exchanges. In order to secure our leading position of research and development in hi-tech products, we actively import and acquire advanced technologies from France, Germany, USA, and Japan, and make full use of the renowned international corporations' resources and technologies.

We have successfully developed a variety of refined cosmetic products, such as skin care products, hair care products, and fashionable cosmetics.