Fully Automatic Disinfection Cabinet / オートメーション消毒箱 / 全自动消毒柜
The cabinet is multi-mode enabled so it is more widely applicable, more effective in sterilization and highly automatic. For examples, process controls like sterilization of agar culture medium, liquid culture medium and solid utensil, and dissolving or pre-heating of agar can be selected.
Microwave Digestion Oven / マイク口波の解消器 / 微波消解器
It is mainly used for digesting samples of cosmetics and raw materials in order to formulate test specimens for trace element test.
主に化粧品と原料どの見本の崩解、微量元素の測定に必要があるサンプルを調合するた めに使う。
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer / 原子吸収スぺクトルの光度計 / 原子吸收光谱仪
The atomic absorption spectroscopy has almost replaced chemical approaches to become the basic means of metal element analysis. The equipment is complete in functions, capable of two configurations of flame atomization and graphite furnace atomization. Equipped with automated feeding system, the equipment is highly automatic and the parameters of the instruments can be set up automatically. Each parameter like the air flow capacity and the position of the lamp can also be adjusted automatically. The equipment is user friendly and isolation between man and machine enabled, so the test of heavy metal at ppm grade to ppb grade can be carried out to investigate any existence of elements prohibited in cosmetics, such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.
原子吸収光法は殆どが化学の方法に代わり、金属元素分析の基本分析手段になり、その設備 機能が整い、火炎の原子化と石墨ストーブの原子化のニつ装備を配備し、オートメーシヨン化の程度が高い。サンブルを入れるオート?システムを配備し、器械のバラメーターを自動的に設置することができ、そして気体の流量、灯の位置などの各バラメーター自動調節を行うことができる。操作が簡単、人間と機械の操作分離を実現でき、重金属に対してppb級からppm級(10億分の1つ)の検査測定することができ、化粧品の中で使用禁止する元素の鉛、水銀、ヒ素、カドミウムを分析できる。
Ultra-clean Workbench / 超清潔作業台 / 超净工作台
It is mainly used for examining and measuring micro-organisms from production environment, cosmetics and raw materials.
Test Room / 检测室 / 检测室
Bacteria, Mould and Yeast Counting / 細菌、カビと酵母菌数の記録 细菌、霉菌及酵母菌记数
Total number of bacteria, Mould and Yeast (CFU/g) from half finished cosmetics product samples can be counted.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography / 高効率の液状クロマトグラフ装置 / 高效液相色谱仪
Capable of a wide variety of applications, this liquid chromatography is powerful in its functions, complete in supporting equipments, and excellent in the performance, The isolation and identification of the samples will not be affected by their volatility, thermo-stability and molecular weight. The isolation efficiency is high,and the speed is fast. It can isolate samples with similar structures and complex compound. The chromatography is well equipped with supporting equipments like the double pumps system, on-line degassing system, column oven and ultra-violate detector. It is capable of complicated gradient elution and on-line degassing functions. Calculating software with system verification and system stability is also provided to enable easier analysis and broader analysis range. Being an important technology in isolation analysis, it is widely used in cosmetics industry, and also a powerful means to monitor the quality of cosmetics products. It has demonstrated its powerful analytical capacity in continuous development. For example, it can be used in testing and verification of preservatives and sun-block agent.